We're a logistics company focused on solving our customers’ packaging, fulfillment and contract manufacturing needs.

In 1997, our founder, Bill Cannon, recognized a hole in the industry after meeting and working with several multinational Fortune 500 companies who all expressed the same need: Rather than having to buy multiple truckloads of packaging materials at a time – which tied up significant capital and production space and created lots of idle inventory – they longed for a managed inventory solution that would allow them to ensure that only a set amount of packaging was kept on hand at any given time. From there, Next Press was born, and our Vendor Managed Inventory program came to life.

The Beginning

We started small with a single warehouse in Hawthorne, New Jersey, and little more than a couple of computers and a bunch of Excel spreadsheets.

The Present

Today, Next Press has distribution centers in seven cities throughout the United States and Mexico, led by an expert management team and featuring proprietary software programs that track inventory and provide re-order points based on real-time, substantive analytics.

Our Promise

We believe our success depends on satisfying our customers' needs. Our team of manufacturing partners is committed to working together every day to develop packaging and fulfillment solutions for a more customized workflow.

Our Mission

We thrive on partnering with our customers to create value in their supply chain with comprehensive packaging solutions and contract manufacturing capabilities.

Our Core Values


We do the right thing – always. We conduct business with honesty and transparency.

Passion for Customers

We value every customer relationship; we are committed to finding creative solutions and working relentlessly to deliver results on their behalf.

Operational Excellence

We are committed to achieving outstanding quality and compliance while ensuring on-time delivery and reducing cost throughout each customer’s supply chain.

One Team

We operate as One Team with respect for each individual, embracing and leveraging our diverse talents, skills, and abilities to be stronger together.

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